Reviewing the Zyppah Snoring Mouthpiece

sleeping-under-the-sunWhen I first found out I was snoring I was a bit scared.  The reason is that I had two issues at that time that I thought would prevent me from treating snoring effectively. First reason is that I was tight on a budget and could not afford advertised expensive remedies. The other is that I knew I was breathing through my mouth at night (there is high percentage of such type of snorers). That’s why so popular chin straps would not fit me. It took me several days just to do a research. And finally I was granted! I found the solution that suited me by all parameters that are important to me. It is Zyppah – the only mandibular device on the market that has a stripe in the back with a whole in it specifically designed for people like me who breathe through the mouth. Among other pros of this device explained by Preservation Web it costed only about 80 dollars which made me glad too.

So, the decision was made and the Zyppah was ordered. I waited for less than a week for it to come over. On the day “X” I was more than happy to receive the mouth piece that will bring me peace. I decided to adjust it right away. I used tips to hold it under stream of hot water. They say you need to do to it for about 45 seconds. Then I put it in my mouth. One half with the name on it goes on a lower jaw and the other one with the company’s emblem “Z” goes on the upper one. I bit on it really tight and held tightly for about 10-15 seconds to make sure that I will fit me right. Then I held it the same way under water stream which was cold now. That’s it! The Zyppah was ready to go and save me from snoring.

The first night with it was so-so. A falling asleep phase was quite disturbing. The stripe I mentioned before helped me to breathe the way I wanted, but I could feel it sometimes in the back of my mouth which was weird. Besides, having my jaw in an up and forward position was weird too. Soon I eventually fell asleep. I didn’t wake up during night and woke up in the morning fully rested. So, the Zyppah really saved me! I need to add that all weird feelings left me in about 5 days.